Current and Prior Projects

“DMREF: Development of Fundamental Design Rules for Material-Liquid-Nanoparticulate Interfaces that Optimize Control of Friction, Adhesion, and Wear”
National Science Foundation, 10/1/2015 – Present
Principal Investigator
Donald Brenner (Material Sci. and Eng.)
Co-Principal Investigators
Jacqueline Krim (Physics)
Brian Reich (Statistics)
Alex Smirnov (Chemistry)
National Science Foundation, 7/1/91 – 6/30/17
Jacqueline Krim, Principal Investigator
Project Overview
QCM at the Atomic Scale and Students Supported
Project Summary
MURI, 5/1/04 – 4/30/10
Jacqueline Krim, Principal Investigator
Project Overview
Multi-functional Extreme Environment Surfaces
“Center for RF MEMS Reliability and Design Fundamentals”
University of California – San Diego, 09/13/06 – 09/12/09
G. Rebiez, Principal Investigator leading a team of 8 co-PI’s including Jacqueline Krim
“Hydrodynamic Lubrication in Fiber Processing”
NCSU National Textile Center Program, 05/01/06 – 4/30/10
W. Kraus, Principal Investigator
Jacqueline Krim, co-Principal Investigator